Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Quick update

The last time I posted a lot has changed.  So for a quick update,  my husband got a new job.  As soon as we got an offer on our house we accepted we accepted i.  We found a house to live in and put an offer on the the table and after a little negotiation we can to an acceptable and agreeable offer. After a very painful moving process, which lasted 33 day after the original closing date we finally closed.

I quit my part time teaching job. Now I get to stay at home with Roarie and substitute teach every now and then.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Education Cuts

One of the most important things in life is to have a good education.  Teaching is the only occupation that shapes our country.  We teachers touch every life from the farmer to the lawyer, to the CEO of some big company.  Granted you may not use everything that learn in the classroom but the structure, respect, responsibility, social skills and time management are life skills that are used everyday.

The frustrating thing about being a teacher is the lack of money put into education.  I am not complaining about how much money I make because teachers do not go into teaching.  What I am complaining about is teachers getting cut, class sizes are getting bigger, and yet we still get the same pay.  The schools who have the money have the money get the technology and the good test scores.  The better the test scores the more money you get.  So if you a poor school you don't get the technology and yet you don't get any money for the low test scores.  So the rich get richer and the poor get poor.

Needless to say,  I have gotten word from the school superintendent that my special education position is being cut.  I am still going to have a teaching job being a part time American History teacher.  Which I am glad that I am getting into the general education setting and that I get to be a part time stay-at-home mom but at the same time I wish I had a full time, paying job.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Manners Meal

      Every year, the Colfax-Mingo Middle School does what they call manners meal. Grades six through eight take a field trip to a designed location and practice using good dining manners.  So on Friday, April 13, 2012,  we went some where local, the Colfax Historical Building for our dining.
      Before we go to on our trip the staff reviews what it is to have good manners. There are so many manners to cover and sometime we just assume that it will happen but it doesn't.  Here are a few manners that we covered:
  1.  Appearance-  The students were to 
    1. Shower, which as middle school students it is a challenge for some, and use soap
    2. Fix hair up nice
    3. Wear dress clothes- dresses, dress pants, dress shirt
    4. Wear minimal make-up
    5. Wear minimal perfume or cologne
  2. Table Setting-
    1. Silverware start on the outside and work your way in and the fork at the top of plate is the desert fork
    2. The drink is off to your left
  3. Waiting for others-
    1. Wait for everyone to arrive to your table before seating yourself
    2. Wait for everyone to get their food before you begin eating
  4. Table Talk-
    1. Speak softly to the people at your table
    2. Do not interrupt
    3. Do not  talk about bodily functions (farts, pooping, etc.)
    4. Say "Please", "Thank you.", "You're welcome." , "Pardon me" 
Some things we took for granted and expected the students to know were:
  1. Keep elbows off the table
  2. Keep elbows as close to your sides as possible when eating
  3. Keep hands to your self (which is hard to do for middle school students)
  4. Listen to speaker (which is hard to do in the classroom too)
  5. Pass dinner rolls and salad dressing all around the table

Monday, April 9, 2012

Roarie Meets her Cousins

Roarie is 7 weeks old and finally got to meet half of her cousins yesterday at Easter. I was so excited because she hasn't met anyone her own age yet. Kaelyn, the one holding Roarie, is 4 years old. Kaden, the boy holding the baby, is 2 years old. Which leave Caysen, he is 5 months old. Caysen is huge compared to Roarie. We got the chance to lay them side-by-side, and they were so cute. Roarie punched Caysen in the arm. Scott, Caysen's dad and my brother, had to lay Caysen on his side so he could see Roarie. Caysen then started grabbing for Roarie's eyes. Roarie got her first scratch on her nose that drew blood. She is a tough girl and didn't even make a fuss.

Roarie's First Easter

The best part of having a little girl is dressing them up. It is like the dolls that a girl has growing up, but she isn't a doll. Since Roarie's name is spelled with "Roar" in it, I have tried to do a jungle theme for as many as things as I can come up with. So when I saw this outfit I had to get it. I know, I know. She looks like she is going on a safari, but I couldn't help it was soo.. cute. After putting her in the outfit she looking liked an old lady wearing her zebra print outfit. I didn't care though I thought she looked adorable.

NBA Tickets

Every now and again I like to buy my husband sporting tickets. He really enjoys attending games and seeing the sweat, and being apart of the crowd. has tickets for the chicago bulls tickets, the portland trail blazers tickets, and the dallas mavericks tickets tickets. Next time I need to buy sporting tickets, I will have to check out

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Ride North

This is Roarie's first Easter. We are up in northern Iowa visiting my side of the family. It has been a month since she has last seen her Grandpa Ray and Grandma Annie.

It was a busy morning getting everything packed up. I had to pack everything for Roarie and the dogs. The dogs are pretty easy though. I also had to find something for me to wear. So clothes don't fit like they use to. That limited my choices.

On our two and a half trip, Laila decided she didn't want to sit by herself. Laila gets scared during car rides. I looked back to see where she was and I happen to look in the baby mirror and I saw Laila laying with Roarie in her carseat.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Roarie Helping with the Laundry

Learning to juggle a new born and house chores is definitely a new challenge. From laundry, cooking, found the dishes, picking up in the living room and vacuuming what do you do with the baby?

Our washer and dryer are down in the basement and being a new mother with a new baby I don't like to leave here a lone for 30 seconds. So, I laid her in the laundry basket and took her with me.

The next challenge was getting the clothes from the dryer into that basket of dirty clothes she's lying in because why in the world would keep and empty clothes basket downstairs :p so I take out the clothes and put them on the dryer, put the clothes in the wash machine in the dryer. Pick up Roarie and with one arm and put the dirty clothes the wash machine with the other. Next, I put the clean laundry on top on the dryer in the basket and put Roarie on top.

So there you have it, that is how the laundry gets down with a newborn.

Tummy Time

Sun Bathing